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Bluff the spot

Coaching for profits

Coaching philosophy

Our goal as BluffTheSpot is to “create” the optimal poker player, someone who is very fundamentaly sound, while still being able to attack the weaknesses of other players.

Even forcing our opponents to make mistakes by taking them to areas of the game tree they are not comfortable with. Someone who can perform at a high level over a big sample with smart time and session management.

Becoming such a player requires many different skills. There is not a single coach who can teach all of those areas at a top level.

This is why all of our coaches are a mix of players who have their strengths in a certain area. Working together within BluffTheSpot, we give you the full skill set without any compromise. 

Who are the coaches?

What you get

1 On 1 Coaching

  • - Personally tailored coachings for your needs.
  • - For all students playing 50NL+ and promotion winners.
  • - 50-100NL = 3 hours per 100k hands.
  • - 200-600NL = 5 hours per 100k hands.
  • - 1k+ = 7 hours per 100k hands.
  • - More coaching hours in the beginning to move up faster.

Group Coaching

  • - Held weekly.
  • - Micro and Lowstakes levels.
  • - Various topics (leakfinders, hh review, PIO solver, theory etc).
  • - Recorded and accessible on our forum.
  • - Lowstakes sessions done by head coaches.
  • - Special monthly group coaching by MMAsherdog, everyone allowed to join.

Skype Groups

  • - Personal Skype group for questions - just you and the coaches.
  • - Microstakes group.
  • - Lowstakes group.
  • - Expand your network of poker players.

Access To Premium Content

  • - Preflop Bible.
  • - Mindset Video Series.
  • - All future products from the Store.

Private forum

  • - Exclusively for BTS students.
  • - Theory section.
  • - Hand history review.
  • - Structured video archive of past group coachings.
  • - PIO solutions cloud.
  • - Discounts on popular software.


  • - Five highest volume players win additional coaching monthly.
  • - 1st to 3rd: individual coaching session.
  • - 4th and 5th: leakfinder on group coaching.
  • - Hands played on tracked sites have 3x multiplier.

Cfp structure and deals


  • Skype group chat
  • Private forum access (includes preflop bible, mindset series, 200+ hours of recorded group coaching for micro and lowstakes)
  • Microstakes group coaching
chip micro


  • Additional skype groups, one for lowstakes students, another between just you and the coaches
  • Lowstakes group coaching (more advanced material)
  • 1 on 1 coaching, performed by a mixture of our midstakes and highstakes coaches
chip low

Mid and High

  • Everything listed above
  • Moving to 100% individual coaching with only the highstakes coaches that benefit you the most
  • Drastically increased coaching hours
chip mid and hight

Our deals

Due to the nature and heavy time investment we make into coaching, as well as the nature of a CFP, it is in our best interest to offer only long term deals (min 12 months).

Our standard profit split is lower than our competitors, because we realize the real EV of a program like this is to get students winning at midstakes+ as soon as possible, while we still have a piece. Not to nickle and dime them on their way up to ensure immediate profit.

Microstakes players are required to play on a site for which BluffTheSpot is their affiliate, while players at higher stakes have the option to do this and get a better cut for it.

How will accounting be managed?

Hands are played in 100k cycles throughout the contract. When you have played 100k hands, you will be asked to provide your results, once the balance has been settled, we start a new 100k hand cycle. Rakeback and table winnings are accounted separately.