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MMAsherdog started playing 10 cent giveaways on PKR. Having won a little bit of money, he switched to Bodog to play Double-or-nothing sit&go’s. He managed to build up a 5k bankroll fairly quickly and jumped into Mid stakes No Limit.

After losing some of his earnings, he realized he wasn’t ready for those levels, and moved back down in stakes.  He ran it up many times, but always got kicked back down again because of tilt and bankroll management problems.

He took a break from poker for six months, while watching training videos on every single day. He deposited his remaining $2,000 on Pokerstars, with the mind frame that if he lost this money, he would never play online poker again.

He quickly moved up in stakes and became a regular at 10/20 No Limit within 8 months.

Nowadays, MMAsherdog can be found grinding anywhere between 500NL Zoom and $200/$400 No Limit.



Started playing poker with a free $5 bonus and never deposited any money.
Slowly but steadily he built up his bankroll by transitioning from FLH to NLH and he has never looked back since then.
He has worked his way up to the highest stakes possible online.
His former teaching background in professional sports led him to join forces with MMAsherdog and RunLikePanda to found BluffTheSpot.



RunLikePanda started playing poker during middle school with a free 5$ bonus and worked his way up to FLH highstakes. Due to the little action that is in FLH in the last years, he made the transition to NLH once he moved to Malta in 2014 after finishing high school.
He started making videos for RIO and Pokerstrategy in 2015 focusing on FLH and theory.
Nowadays RunLikePanda is living in Vienna and mostly plays NLH but can still be found in FLH games when he is able to find a game.



Bbissick is a professional poker player from the United States, specializing in 6max online cash games. After dusting off many $50 deposits, he began taking the game seriously and turned pro in December 2015, grinding 50NL. A year later, he was struggling to solidify himself at 200NL, so he joined Bluffthespot. He now beats 500NL for over 4bb/100 and plays up to 5000NL.



Kristijan is a professional poker player from Croatia.
After struggling at 100NL with breakeven results, he realized that he needed a guide for his poker career.
He joined Bluffthespot at the end of 2016.

With a fresh start at 50NL, he gradually started beating the game again and moved up to NL600, where he now has a 5bb+ win rate.
He learned new poker concepts, updated old ones and fixed his in-game and mental leaks.



TaxHere is a 21 year-old professional poker player from the Netherlands, playing for the last 7 years with decent results. Last year he decided to join BluffTheSpot to take the next step in his game and try to bust into high stakes online. He is currently playing 200z and 500z with a 6bb winrate at 200z.



Markkos is a 22-year-old professional poker player from Estonia.
He had been playing online poker for over 6 years but was unable to progress further than 100NL, until he joined BluffTheSpot.
After 10 months of coaching and dedicated individual studies, he now plays 500 Zoom, and up to 1000NL regular tables.




Gazzy is 26 years old, from Scotland, and has been playing professionally for 4 years. For the first 18 months of his poker career, Gazzy was focused on playing as much volume as possible, and grinding primarily for Rakeback. After realising this was not a viable future, he has since focused on improving as best he can, and has turned his game around significantly in that time. GazzyB now focuses on a better winrate, more time for studying/reviews, and tries to move up the stakes quicker. He also play a lot of live poker, and travels to the USA a few times a year for live poker trips.



Show0fForce was very unhappy with his results at 100NL and inability to move up on his own, for two years. He wanted to improve his game, but didn’t know where to

When he was given the opportunity to work privately with high stakes players, he took a leap of faith and joined BluffTheSpot.
Show0fForce now plays mid stakes No Limit, up to 10.000NL and is good friends with his former coaches and joined BTS as Coach in 2016.

SoF is currently living in Malta, creating vlogs and enjoying live when he isn’t at the tables or in the lab.



Giovanni is a professional poker player from Germany. After playing professionally for 2 years he was struggling to move up to 200z, joined Bluffthespot 8 months ago and he is now moving up to 500z.