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Get Rich Or Die Tryin - Alexandra Blog

alexandra Jun 07, 2021

Hey all,

I guess this is the part when I tell you who I am. My name is Alexandra, I’m 23, from Romania. I started playing poker as a pure hobby, and I quickly turned from total fish to making some side money while being in University. That was pretty fun for me, especially because I was living in a country where making decent money was kinda difficult, unless you were an IT guy or football player. So the money I made playing live games was more than decent for a student income.

I was studying Psychology, and I was ( actually, I still am) very passionate about it. I never made up my mind about what I was going to profess in the field, although I considered research, psychotherapy and even teaching. However, I always knew that whatever I choose to do next, I will be able to make use of my studies, even just on a personal level.

 At the beginning of 2020, I was ready to apply for a Master’s abroad, but Covid messed up with my plans, so I had to postpone (or cancel) that. I’m not the kind of person to stay there and wait for things to get better, so I decided to do something for myself and pursue poker. I got into the online field, started putting some work in, looked for some guidance in order to step up my game and…. here I am. 

After joining BTS in November, I feel like quite a lot of changes have occured to my game. 

The first months were kind of a tough period for me. Yes, I received a lot of new information, I started seeing the game from a different perspective, and I put in a lot of work. However, the results at the tables were quite far from what I was aiming for.

And it was frustrating, even discouraging at times, but then, aren’t the difficult times the ones that push us to grow the most? 

Some would call that a period of stagnation, but I really dislike that word, cause even though my bankroll wasn’t growing, I grew as a person, I grew as a player, I came closer to being the best version of myself, and I was sure that all that progress was going to manifest at the poker tables as well. 

I realize now there were a lot of factors that led to those not-so-awesome results. Some were totally in my control - session and time management, study scheduling, game selection, bankroll management and so on. To be honest, I wasn’t excelling in any of those. Somehow I seemed to never find a balance. I was either playing too little or too much, too aggro or too passive, but never in the middle. Other factors were out of my control, obviously, variance. 

After a while I feel like I started to integrate all the new info I acquired, and managed to apply it well at the tables. I felt like I understood theoretical concepts at a deeper level, and that made me able to find the best in-game adjustments in order to exploit my opponents’ tendencies. My results were getting better, and my confidence was rising, therefore, in May I decided to start a kind of bankroll challenge. 

I don’t want to put a cap on this, like “100$ to 10k$”. I see poker as a long-term goal, so I feel like reaching 10k$ or 100k$ can’t be an end goal, and should not make a huge difference. What I am for is getting better everyday, and moving up through stakes as quickly as possible, while acquiring the appropriate knowledge to make this work. I aim for 20 BIs won at one stake before moving up, and 10BIs lost before moving back down, as things might not always look so bright. 

Starting at 50NL, these are my results for May.

Aiming to play 100NL from now on, hoping for some sunrun, let’s see how that goes.



GL at the tables,

Catch up soon!


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