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Americas Cardroom is where BOTs go to die

promo Oct 16, 2019

In a major blow to BOTs, Americas Cardroom has confirmed that their new software is the stuff of nightmares for BOT providers. This comes on the heels of several BOT providers announcing that their software doesn’t work with Americas Cardroom.

Chief among them are War Bot, Shanky, Kraken, and Medusa. These sites have either delisted Americas Cardroom from their list of supported poker rooms, or they’ve confirmed that their BOTS aren’t working properly on ACR.

Either way, this is great news for players. For years, BOTs have been something that poker players just had to deal with — a necessary evil on the felt that were only squashable by self-detection and reporting.

Americas Cardroom got into the games of battling BOTs by showing they’re on the side of players. Earlier this year, they instituted a policy to pay players back when a BOT is detected. To date, they’ve handed out $450,000 in refunds and banned 12 players.

But they didn’t stop at the policy. Over the last few months, they’ve worked on baking BOT-battling technology into their new software. The most recent upgrade is proof of that.

This is big news for players of all stripes as the tables are becoming increasingly full, thanks in large part to interest in Americas Cardroom’s upcoming $6 Million Venom.

Scheduled for November 27th and spanning multiple days, the online poker tournament looks to break the record set by this summer’s $5 Million Venom. First place is guaranteed $1 million. If you want it, get your seat through a $0 Step tournament. For all the important info, visit Americas Cardroom.


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