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Just days away, the $5 Million Venom is really heating up summer

promo Jul 15, 2019

Summer is here and it’s hotter than ever. And it has to do entirely with the $5 Million Venom, which is just days away.

Cards are in the air starting July 14th and this tournament is huge. It’s Americas Cardroom’s biggest online poker tournament in its storied history. And it’s the biggest tourney on the planet for US players. Period.

It’s not just the $1 million first place prize that makes this tournament so special. The multi-day format also has something to do with it. Here’s the schedule: 

  • Day 1A: Sunday July 14th at 1pm ET (12 hours of play)
  • Day 1B: Tuesday, July 16th at 1pm ET (12 hours of play)
  • Day 1C: Sunday, July 21st at 1pm ET (12 hours of play)
  • Day 2: Monday, July 22nd at 1pm ET (12 hours of play or down to final 8 players)
  • Day 3 (if needed): Tuesday, July 23rd at 1pm ET (Play down to the final table)
  • Day 4: Wednesday, July 24th at 5pm ET (Final Table plays until tournament is over)

The tourney costs $2,650 for a seat, but you can get into it for less through a Step tourney. How much less? About $2,650 less. Yes, we mean $0.

Step 1 tourneys cost $0 and run multiple times per day. Each one pays out seats in Step 2. And here’s how it continues on from there:

  • Step 2 ($6.61 buy-in) – 25 Seats guaranteed to Step 3 (1 in 2.75 win)
  • Step 3 ($16.51 buy-in) – 15 Seats guaranteed to Step 4 (1 in 3.6 win)
  • Step 4 ($55.01 buy-in) – 6 Seats guaranteed to Step 5 (1 in 3.9 win)
  • Step 5 ($215.01 buy-in) – 5 Seats guaranteed to Step 6 (1 in 3.15 win)
  • Step 6 ($630.01 buy-in) – 1 Venom Seat guaranteed (1 in 4.41 win)

Steps aren’t your only ticket in. ACR also has satellites on the schedule that feed directly into the $5 Million Venom. Or if you like, you can Spin to Get In. Your call. Visit ACR.


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