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Sky is the limit - Matija Blog

matija Jun 07, 2021

My career
I started playing NLHE live poker in 2017 and played for 1 year with mediocre results. beforeI decided to switch over to online poker understanding that, with a good schedule and a lot of studying, it will allow me to improve much more and give me more room for success, given that i put in the hard work. 

During 2019 I played a mix of online and live, start of the year it was mostly online with mediocre results(i think my mistake was grinding mostly volume instead of focusing on quality of play + studying/improving) and then I mixed live and ultimately went ahead and played only live during second half of 2019, I had great results and although I was staked through most of it I made around $70-75k playing mostly 2-5 and 5-10 with a few higher stakes sessions(even played up to 20e ante). I travelled abroad to play in a few countries such as Cyprus, Slovenia, Italy etc..

2020 started off kind of slow, i played on some apps with mediocre results, but then in February decided to join a CFP group(great decision looking back), started off playing 50z on Stars(even though I was probably breakeven-ish, should have started 25z) and went ahead and got an office with a grinding buddy. Sadly coronavirus forced us to move out of the office and since then I've been grinding from home. A bunch of IRL stuff happened as well which ruined my volume for 2020 but I am still very happy with my online results and before Stars shut down access for my country I managed to move up from 50z to 200z and also became a coach towards end of the year.  

2021 has been awsome so far, having biggest winning month after biggest winning month :D I was able to move up to 500nl and 1Knl reg tables at GG, with the goal to start adding 5K and 10K towards the end of the year.


Here my Graph since I joined BTS last year :)


As for now my plan is to start streaming on the BluffTheSpot Twitch Channel and keep you guys updated on my road to highstakes.


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