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What happens in The Cage Live stays in Costa Rica

promo Mar 11, 2019

Dreaming of a quick gambling getaway filled with nonstop partying? Skip Vegas and head to Costa Rica instead. You’ll have a much better time and you could very easily make tens of thousands of dollars, especially if you make a pit stop at Americas Cardroom first.

They’re hosting satellites for The Cage Live this Sunday for $55. On the felt are two guaranteed packages for The Cage Live, each worth $8,340. Win one and you’ll score the $5,000+250 buy-in, $800 for airfare, $1,000 spending cash, and up to 3 nights at the popular Taormina Casino and Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The Cage Live is more than a poker event. It’s a packed weekend that starts with a tour of the WPN offices and continues with some intense poker and even more intense partying. Leave the family at home for this one.

Still not convinced? Talk to recent winner Stanley Lee, who had this to say:

“The event was amazing. The Structure was amazing. The experience was just amazing. I made about $15k in The Cage. It was a great experience. Definitely coming back. Love Costa Rica.”

And if that still doesn’t convince you, check out these recent big winners:

  • Troy Quenneville $51,315 – January 2018
  • Nick Boll $50,485 - December 2018
  • Dan Stavila $42,115 - July 2018
  • Thomas Cannuli $30,745 - October 2018
  • Christopher Roberts $21,825 - May 2018
  • Stanley Lee $19,875 - March 2018

Big Money Alert!
The $5 Million Venom is coming soon, with $5 million in guaranteed money on the table, including a $1 million first place prize. Open the Americas Cardroom software for the date and time, and to win your way in.


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