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Past week has been fun, friend has been in town and the week became a bit of a bender though, going to take it easy for awhile, play some hands ect.. not cold yet but very windy so nice weather to stay inside for now. Grabbed dinner with some friends after bowling, place is cool, you get to go to the butcher and select your cuts ect.. they still can't french a rack of lam

Trip: Munich->Amsterdam->Florence

I went on vacation last month, munich->amsterdam->florence. I missed the munich/ams posts, but will start this thread again by sharing our florence trip, which was a complete disaster and made me question my will to ever leave me apt again. Florence My roommate and I missed our first flight to Milan bc we decided to eat 5 space cakes prior to heading to the airport. So now our plan is pretty ****ed, decide to just go to Florence instead bc we got better last minute deals there but have no idea what we are doing. So we get there 2…