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Playing with football stars

Heading to the airport now to fly back home from Barcelona. By far my favourite live stop because of its combination of beautiful scenery and culture. And because it is so popular, you get to see all of your online buddies again. It would not be a live trip without dropping a bunch of stacks at high stakes, so at least I managed to stay consistent. Some games were amazing, but it is hard to get a seat unless you play dirty. But I did get very lucky one night. There was a 100 200 table running with a long…

May Recap

May recap The action was quite slow for most of the month, but there were days where the action was incredible. My volume was terrible again, but I did take a week off. Daily volume when I did grind was great, even without playing 500 Zoom. I guess it doesn't matter, as long as I keep running like I have been this year. I'm going home this weekend and the plan is to grind hard and coach a lot for the next 2.5 weeks until I go to Vegas. It definitely won't be easy, because my hands start hurting after…

MMASherdog vs Urubu omaha flips

Urubu is very well known for his degen tendencies in the poker world. This time he is back to degen it up at high stakes PLO with MMASherdog. Enjoy!