Coaching by elite pros


MMAsherdog started playing 10 cent giveaways on PKR. Having won a little bit of money, he switched to Bodog to play Double-or-nothing sit&go’s. He managed to build up a 5k bankroll fairly quickly and jumped into Mid stakes No Limit.

After losing some of his earnings, he realized he wasn’t ready for those levels, and moved back down in stakes.  He ran it up many times, but always got kicked back down again because of tilt and bankroll management problems.

He took a break from poker for six months, while watching training videos on every single day. He deposited his remaining $2,000 on Pokerstars, with the mind frame that if he lost this money, he would never play online poker again.

He quickly moved up in stakes and became a regular at 10/20 No Limit within 8 months.

Nowadays, MMAsherdog can be found grinding anywhere between 500NL Zoom and $200/$400 No Limit.