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Travelling Europe (Federer, Heynckes, WC, Alpes)|

Hey guys, it´s been a while since you´ve heard from me. I don´t want to waste too much time in the past because there are so many things in the future that I want to talk about. I was lucky…

Do you need a lockdown? ShowOfForce VBlog #12

Chances are if you are not where you wanna be, you gotta forget balance for a while and go all out on the area where you're dissatisfied. Yeah it's not a pace you should keep long term, but you should…

MMASherdog vs Urubu omaha flips

Urubu is very well known for his degen tendencies in the poker world. This time he is back to degen it up at high stakes PLO with MMASherdog. Enjoy!

Top 5 lessons I wish I learned earlier ShowOfForce Vblog #10

To celebrate episode 10 of the vBlog, I am turning things in a new direction, going more Poker oriented with the vBlog, while still doing my normal lifestyle videos on the side. Today I decided to talk about something I…


Past week has been fun, friend has been in town and the week became a bit of a bender though, going to take it easy for awhile, play some hands ect.. not cold yet but very windy so nice weather…


Decided to take my poker skills to the streets and battle it out Formula 1 style in this episode! RIP VETTEL.