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If you are a Micro Stakes Player trying to move up in stakes (fast), this is the most important book you'll ever read. 


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Special Offer: Preflop Bible Lite 

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In the Preflop Bible Lite, you will uncover all the secrets behind crushing the Micros on the most important street - Preflop. 


The ranges in the Bible are created by High Stakes Crusher MMAsherdog and are specifically designed to crush the Micros. 


To make it easy for you, you will find tons of ranges covering every scenario you can think of, as well as:


  • An incredibly effective way to decrease your chance of losing a huge pot when calling a 3bet out of position. (Page 3)


  • 3 quick adjustments to massively exploit your opponents on a tight table and max out on your profits. (One is to decrease your raise sizing, find the other two on page 7)


  • The biggest mistake most players make preflop. Exploiting this mistake will boost your winrate significantly. (page 8)


  • A secret trick to use your position and put even the most experienced player in a tough spot while risking almost nothing. (Page 9)


  • A seriously underused strategy to get the most out of every button that works particularly well on Micro and Small Stakes. (Page 13)


  • How to eliminate your most expensive mistakes in the Small Blind with just one simple adjustment. (Page 18)


  • Why everything you've heard about defending your Big Blind is straight-up wrong, and what you should do instead. (Playing correctly in the Big Blind often makes the difference between a winner and a loser; learn more on page 22)


  • A 4bet on Micros and Small Stakes always means the nuts, right? Wrong! Uncover how to use 4betting to seriously increase your edge and become the most feared player in your pool. (page 27)


  • The 3 criteria to quickly decide whether or not you want to use your hand as a 4bet Bluff or not. (Hint: One of them is the playability of your hand. Read the other two on page 27)


  • How to Slowplay Aces and Kings to win the most $$(Page 28)


  • How to pull the 5bet trigger at the right time to ask your opponent the tough question for all of his chips. (Page 29)


  • 4 simple questions you should always ask yourself before squeezing your hand. (page 30)


  • The 5 most important stats to gather on your opponent and how to turn them into a dead-proof read. (page 32)


  • What a simple (but powerful) concept called "R" has to do with your success as a poker player, and why no elite player is willing to reveal it to you. (More on page 33)


  • A collection of the most frequently asked questions by our students with answers. (To give you a quick example, you will find questions like How does rake impact my game? How to adapt versus different opening and raise sizes? What hands should I call against a 5bet shove? And many more... See page 35 and on...)


If you are a Micro Stakes Player trying to move up the stakes, the Preflop Bible Lite will be the most important book you'll ever read.


So click the checkbox now and save big time on everything you'll ever need to leave the Micros behind and start making some serious money playing poker!