Scrimitzu's Micro Stakes System!

A GUIDE TO CRUSH MICRO STAKES with 13bb/100 IN 2020!

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A guide to CRUSH the micros!

In this 14 part system, micro stakes legend and member of TeamGG Scrimitzu teaches you how he beats the micros with over 13bb/100!


13 training videos + an updated version of the BluffTheSpot Basic PFB featering SPECIAL adaptions for micros.

A 2020 updated version of the original BluffTheSpot Preflop Bible combined with Scrimitzu's adapted micro stakes ranges builds rock solid foundation for your preflop game.

The video section of the Micro Stakes System includes 6 theory concepts, followed by 4 videos that focus on postflop strategies and training software. This all gets rounded up by a 3 parted moving up series.



  • 3 Times GGSeries Champion
  • Member of TeamGG
  • PokerGGMasters 2nd Place for $32K
  • Coach of over 500 individual students

Learn what you need to know how to earn money in Poker 2020!

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What do you get in this Course?

- A guide to crush the micros!

All The Tools You Need To Crush Online Micro Stakes!


Scrimitzu's Micro Stakes System

only 87$

  • 6 Theory Videos
  • 3 Postflop Videos
  • BTS Preflop Bible (Scrimitzu Micro Edition)
  • Moving Up in Stakes (3 Videos)
  • How to study with software + GTO+ Solutions
  • Discord Community