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Make 2020 your year!

Enjoy a variance-free learning process and get paid to play Poker!

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Don't worry about your money

You will get staked by a private Investor, so you don't even have to risk your own money. This way, you can focus on what's really important: Becoming the best Poker player you can be!

Get the best Coaching available

Get coaching tailored to your individual needs from Elite BluffTheSpot coaches! We will be on your side and guide you the fastest way to achieving your goals! 

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Get a paycheck every month

With this deal, you will get paid around 2bb/100 monthly guaranteed, independent of your Poker results! But you can also keep a cut of your winnings, so the amount you can earn isn't limited!

Sounds too good to be true already?

Well, it even gets better!

Because we want you to succeed in today's online poker games, we will give you everything you need to become the best player you can be. 


That's why you will also get:
  • 1on1 coaching to find and fix your leaks, so you win more money faster. As well as well as weekly BluffTheSpot groupcoachings.
  • MMAsherdog's Preflop Bible (worth $499) for free! 
  • Access to our huge library of recorded coachings
  • Access to the exclusive BluffTheSpot forum, where you will find peers who are working as hard as you do.
  • The ability to earn bonuses like extra-cash and MMAsherdog's Ultimate Course!


And all of that without risking your own money! 

So you decrease variance, establish a monthly income, and therefore can learn how to crush stress-free.
As soon as you are comfortably beating your limit, there will also be the opportunity to move up in stakes. 

Who qualifies for this deal?

Are you playing at stakes from NL10 - NL200? 
And are you willing to work hard to achieve your goals in Poker?

If your answer is yes to both questions, this deal is for you!

But the places are limited. Therefore, we can only accept players that are 100% serious about Poker. 

What's your part?

Once you get accepted, you have to do the best you can to improve your game. But you won't be alone on this journey: Experienced and Elite Poker coaches will help you to achieve results! 

And if variance hits you hard for a month: Not a big deal! Because as long as you rake in a minimum of 500$ per month, you will get a monthly paycheck!

Do you think you got what it takes to reach the next level?

Then grab this opportunity and send us an application to make 2020 your Pokeryear!

Questions left?

After you've filled out your application form, we will follow up with more details. The application form is not binding. 

Since winnings and Rakeback are accounted sepparately, you will always get paid at least 2bb/100. Even when you're down for a month. 

For more information about payments and the payment process, please fill out the (not binding) application form.

Please send us an application form. We will follow up with all the details. When filling out the form, you are not committed to the deal and still can cancel.


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