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High Stakes Course

MMAsherdog's very own video course has finally arrived!
One of the best players in the world will break down various post-flop poker spots, teach you how to study the game and fast track your path to becoming a highly successful poker player.
This brand new 12-part video series covers theoretical and practical poker strategy.


Preflop Bible

The foundation of an elite poker player’s game is his pre-flop strategy. You must first master preflop, before you can perfect your post-flop game.

Included in our pre-flop bible is a series of hand charts, mathematical calculations, game theory concepts, hand reading theory.

We also added learning boxes. You will recognize them by their green background color. These boxes small bullet points and summary information.

Once you’ve gone through all of this material, you’ll be ready to tackle almost any pre-flop spot!



BluffTheSpot Co-founder and high stakes pro MMAsherdog shows you his strategy which helped him to win over 1 million USD in the toughest cash games in 2018.


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