Success stories of BTS Students


Conor joined BluffTheSpot at 50NL, making the transition from HU SnGs to cash games. Now crushing 500 Zoom and taking successful shots at 10.000NL.


"I was one of the first students to join BTS. I was very unhappy with stagnating at 100NL for a couple of years and I saw MMAsherdog was part of a newly started coaching for profits. I really respected him as a player and took a leap of faith, joining the CFP.
Since then, it’s been a crazy ride. I put the work in, I moved to Malta, moved up stakes and now you can see me at the high stakes tables on Pokerstars. More than that, I made friends with all the coaches and a bunch of other cool guys in the BTS community, with who I just spent an awesome month grinding WSOP in Vegas.
If you are serious about your game, I would definitely recommend joining BTS."


"I was breaking even for a few years so I decided to join BluffTheSpot. After beating the zoom games with over 4bb/100 winrate in 2017, I have to say it was the best professional decision I ever made."


"Until 1 year ago, I was struggling at 100nl being breakeven there after big downswing (read not played good enough). I tried to fix my game but nothing worked so I decided to join BTS as obviously, I needed a guide. First, I started playing NL50, working on my game with BTS coaches. After every session, I learned something new or become aware of some mistakes that I was not aware of before… That gave me additional motivation and I was looking forward to every coaching session as I knew my game will be improved after. Coaches found several major game/mental leaks which we fixed and along with a new learned stuff, after few months my game improved a lot which brought results. I feel much more confident about my decisions and not being lost in spots like before.

They also have support which will help you with anything, not just coaching. The community is good and students also like to help each other."


Dan joined BluffTheSpot at the end of 2016, at the time playing 200NL.

By the summer of 2017, was playing 50/100 at LiveAtTheBike with Phil Hellmuth, taking home a 6 digit win.


"Been playing poker last 3 years more seriously and Before BTS I was a 2bb winner at 50z over decent sample but always had struggle moving up to 100nl… Moved up and down many times and couldn’t win at 100 over a big sample. It took me 2 months to learn and adjust where I was slightly winning during BTS before choosing to play less tables on the 9th of January and focus on quality of play. I was always the guy playing a ton of tables and quality of play was affected etc. This is the filter I gave for the graph since jan 9th"


"MMA was great very advanced NL player and talking to him a lot improved my general gameplan and approach to the game. Svansa helped me break down my database well, player analysis, and specific spot analysis with PIO and hh review. RunLikePanda taught me the underlying theory and concepts well."


Markkos is a 22-year-old professional poker player from Estonia.
He had been playing online poker for over 6 years but was unable to progress further than 100NL, until he joined BluffTheSpot.
After 10 months of coaching and dedicated individual studies, he now plays 500 Zoom, and up to 1000NL regular tables.


TaxHere is a 21 year-old professional poker player from the Netherlands, playing for the last 7 years with decent results. Last year he decided to join BluffTheSpot to take the next step in his game and try to bust into high stakes online. He is currently playing up to 2k NL.


Bbissick is a professional poker player from the United States, specializing in 6max online cash games. After dusting off many $50 deposits, he began taking the game seriously and turned pro in December 2015, grinding 50NL. A year later, he was struggling to solidify himself at 200NL, so he joined Bluffthespot. He now beats 500NL for over 4bb/100 and plays up to 5000NL.

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