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Is your lifestyle 'EAT, SLEEP, Poker and REPEAT'?
This program offers personal coaching and mentoring for advanced players, who are already investing at least 20 hours+ a week into poker.

Our original Coaching For Profits Program (CFP) has taught the likes of Show0fForce, TaxHere, PopAShush, how to move up from low-stakes and become High Stakes poker regulars, making an incredible living playing poker on the internet.

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Ultimate Course

Do you want to learn from the best in the world?

But you don't want to commit to a long term mentoring partnership? then the Ultimate Course is perfect for you.

In this 12-part video series, High stakes Crusher MMAsherdog teaches you advanced theoretical and practical poker strategy he employs on a daily basis.

A no-brainer for everyone looking to improve their game and make more money playing poker!

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8 Live Coachings Per Month!

The BTS Academy is the perfect place for everyone who takes their game seriously and wants to improve constantly through step-by-step guidance!

You will learn strong, fundamentally sound strategies fit for your poker needs!

The BTS Academy is a membership program specifically developed for No-Limit Hold'em Cash Game players.

Students receive full access to the BTS Library (300 video+), a community board with active BTS coaches giving them advice and 8 monthly live webinars!

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High quality content,  from Players for Players!

Ultimate Course by MMAsherdog

One of the best players in the world will break down various post-flop poker spots, teach you how to study the game, and fast track your path to becoming a highly successful poker player.

The course is structured in an easy to follow way and will teach you step by step how to implement crucial concepts to your game.

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BTS Moving Up Pack

Get the full BTS Moving Up Package and KICKSTART your poker career!

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Coaching For Profits


The easiest easiest way to reach high stakes is by getting personal coaching from some of the best players in the world, including the likes of BBissick.


You will receive an individual coaching path, always focusing on your biggest leaks.


Our project offers top 1on1 coaching, high quality group coaching, free resources like the BTS Preflop Bible or the BTS mindset Series and over 300 Videos of recorded coachings from the past!


The best way to study Poker!

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