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  • BB/100: 4.20

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Coaching for profits

Success in poker does not come easy. You realize this since you are here. To be successful in poker, you need to study the game.

But the main problem we saw as players coming up was having too much information on our hands. It was very hard to distinguish which information is actually useful and which one is just plain bad.

There was a lot of trial and error, a lot of wasted time on videos, books, software. A lot of frustration. We tried all the methods, all the concepts, all the theory out there, slowly figuring out what is working and what is not.

Now we put a put together a system fully focused on getting you to your goals in poker in the shortest amount of time possible. We are a team of three head coaches, each playing high stakes regularly. Our product is based on our own experience and working with hundreds of students and seeing what works.

You will be taken through a step-by-step learning process custom tailored to your exact skill set and leaks. We focus on theory fundamentals, hand history and footage reviews, database analysis and the latest GTO software tools.

With the structure of our CFP (coaching for profits), we are invested in you as a player. We only make money when you win! Therefore it is in our best interest to provide the absolute best coaching we can offer.

When you join, our first goal is to see exactly where your weaknesses are. We run you through a diagnosis, which consists of:

  • Finding HUD stat leaks.
  • Footage review to find less obvious leaks.
  • Pre-flop play.
  • Post-flop game plan.

Based on this, we come up with your personal improvement blueprint. According to the leaks we find, we assign you a coach that specializes in those particular areas. Once we make sure you have a good foundation we start refining your game with theory concepts, advanced bet sizing and frequencies, post-flop range construction and other topics.

  • Learning how to construct ranges for different spots
  • Exploiting frequencies and finding easy leaks to exploit
  • Analyze and adjust to specific opponents
  • Implement advanced theory concepts
  • Get mental game coaching
  • Learn how to effectively use GTO solvers
  • Develop soft skills in poker
  • Get mentoring from coaches and other students
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