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The BTS Academy is a subscription membership poker coaching school for No-Limit Hold'em players


Join our weekly live webinars and learn fundamentally well sound winning strategies.

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Build strong fundamentals

Learn solid strategies for the most common spots and develop a deeper understanding of the game.

We teach you solid fundamentals and you will learn how to slowly add more advanced strategies to your gameplan.

You will understand and counter your opponent's strategies.

Never be lost in a hand again!

Stay ahead of the curve with our proven winning strategies!

Our pros will teach you up2date strategies that are currently winning millions per year.

  • How to construct cbetting ranges in single raised, 3bet and 4bet pots.
  • Discover advanced x/r strategies. And How to play Turn and River on different runouts.
  • Learn to use the perfect bet sizing! When to overbet? How to split ranges in multiple sizings,...
  • and much more...

In the BTS Academy, you are always having the cleanest source for new advanced strategies that are currently crushing!

Squeeze the edge in every spot!

How to deviate from your master game plan to take full advantage of every weakness in your opponents game.

  • How to adjust to a fixed betting pattern and reconstruct your gameplan
  • Learn to avoid over adjustments and find the right balance for long-term success!
  • How to split your range to extract the maximum of EV in the MCS (most common spots)

 For advanced players and those who want to be!

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