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Your Community

Our ancestors knew that the lone wolf would not survive. And they gathered in tribes. In poker, you won't be attacked by a saber-toothed tiger. But sorrounding yourself with motivated players has proven to accelerate careers.

Join our tribe of highly motivated players and Top-Coaches.

Your Clear Path

Do you wonder what to study next sometimes? Are you overwhelmed by the massive amount of bad training videos on the net? We know the frustration. And we found a solution:

Get well-selected strategy videos every month and follow a clear path that has proven to work hundreds of times.

Your Personal Coach

You are struggling with a specific topic? Nothing is more frustrating than getting stuck at one point.

Join the monthly live webinar and get your questions answered by professionals!

Your Instant Feedback

For this program, BluffTheSpot teamed up with CheckDecide to give you an even more intense coaching experience. 

The CheckDecide software allows you to simulate our coaches sessions and see immediately what the coach would have done different! 


If you take action now, you can try it risk free starting for just $29,99 per month! 

We don't see a reason you would want to leave, so we made it easy for you. IF you ever decide to cancel your membership, you can do that anytime by a simple push at a button! 

Starting at only $29,99



Here's exactly how the BTS Lab works and why it produces results!


Every month, we will release new training videos inside your BTS Lab members area.

Various BONUS content like strategy articles, Charts, CheckDecide hand packages etc. will spice up your learning experience. 

To deepen your new knowledge, there will be a live webinar with jimmyduraide covering a different topic each month. In it, you will get individual answers to your questions, so you can't get stuck at a specific point. 

What if you miss the live webinar? Not a big deal. 

Because we record each session and upload it to your members area!

Next, you put your knowledge into practice. You start doing that 100% risk free on a software called CheckDecide

In the software, you can simulate our coaches sessions with you being the hero! So you get the same hands, opponents and boards as our coach, and you can choose how you would play the hand. 

After you made a decision, you will see what the coach did, so you get immediate feedback and identify your expensive leaks the fastest way possible. There will be a new hand package each month!

On top of that, you get to join the exclusive BTS Lab community with BTS coaches, where you can discuss hands, ask your questions and grow together!

The content builds on each other and is structured in a way that leads you directly to become a better poker player.




For advanced players and those who want to be!

Get live coached by MMAsherdog!

Besides all BTS Lab content, BTS Lab PLUS members receive exclusive 4 advanced training videos by our elite BTS Pros every month and can join a monthly live webinar with high stakes pro MMAsherdog.

MMAsherdog gives insights and shows secret strategies that you have never seen on Twitch before!

So take the opportunity and try the BTS Lab starting for as little as $29,99 per month!
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Join Coach jimmyduraide in the monthly Webinar!


"When I started out playing poker, I was able to move up to NL50 on my own. But from there, my progress seemed to stop. No matter how hard I tried (and I tried many different ways), nothing seemed to work. However, when I decided to join BluffTheSpot poker coaching, I was able to move up to NL500 zoom in just 9 months.

After that quick development of my poker skill, I joined the BTS Pro Team  and worked successfully with over 80 students in the last 2 years.

I currently play up to nl1000 on several sites"


BTS Lab Plus Advanced Poker strategy that has proven to win millions!

Learn from MMAsherdog in a monthly advanced No Limit Hold'em Webinar. 

High Stakes Insights that you don't see on Twitch!



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  • 8 training videos per month
  • 1 monthly webinar with jimmyduraide
  • private community board with BTS coaches
  • monthly exclusive bonus content 

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For Advanced Players

  • 1 monthly webinar with MMAsherdog 
  • 4 advanced training videos per month