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Get Inside a Masters Head

Make decisions like a pro and leave your competition behind.

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Master preflop

A well built preflop strategy is the core of every successfull poker player.

Master the first street and learn exactly, how to deviate from your gameplan depending on the rake structure and player type.


Crush Postflop

Gather insights into the dicision making process of an elite player.

Know exactly what to do in the most common spots and always find the most profitable play.


Learn Pio Solver

Without doubt, Pio solver is one of the strongest tools when it comes to analyze ranges. But only if done correctly.

Learn what really matters when it comes to Pio and study like a pro!

Get the Ultimate Course

The Ultimate Course by MMAsherdog

Designed to make you an optimal player

Everybody who takes poker serious knows about the importance of keeping your balances in check. But the GTO approach often isn`t the most profitable one. The optimal player is aware of that. And while he has a strong balanced gameplan, he is always on the hunt for the weaknesses of his potential prey. 

His experience allows him to spot even the smallest mistakes in his opponents game. While his strategy allows him to react with precision. He is the kind of player that fully understood the mechanics of this beatiful game called No Limit Holdèm at a deep level.  As a headcoach of the worlds leading CFP program BluffTheSpot, MMAsherdog and his team already helped over 300 students in the past 4 years achieving their goals in poker. This year-long experience in coaching enabled him, to create the ultimate course.

A course, that is designed to make you an optimal player.


Get a first insight

In this video, MMAsherdog gives you an overview on what you will learn in his course.


Discover the secrets of elite players and boost your game right now!


Over 1 Million USD won in 2018 alone, his results speak for themselves

Born in the netherlands, MMAsherdog decided to live the poker dream in october 2014 and has never looked back since then.

Ranked by many experts as one of the top ten online cash game NLHE players, he has won millions crushing the toughest opponents at the highest stakes. 

Even tho his player avatar might look sweet at the first sight, he is one of the most feared players around the globe. You better don`t mess with the poker beast behind the sweet puppy!

But of course, a nice looking graph alone doesn`t make a good poker coach. In fact, it would be foolish to get coaching by someone only based on his results in the game. As a headcoach and Co-founder of the training platform Bluff The Spot, MMAsherdog supported well over 300 students living the poker dream and achieving the results they always dreamed of. You will be hard pushed to find a more experienced and successful coach! 


What the pros say:

"I've worked with MMAsherdog for many years, discussing both strategy and business. I can vouch for him being one of the most intelligent players in poker that I've met and we have always had good points to discuss with strategy."

Michael "mczhang" Zhang
High stakes crusher and 2 times PartyPoker Super High Roller champion

"MMAsherdog's content is set up in a nice, clean structure. He's very strong theoratically, But what's more important is that he can also put it into words nicely. "

Steven "SvZff" van Zadelhoff
2017 WCOOP Main Event winner

"MMAsherdog has been one of my toughest and most consistent opponents over the past few years. Poker content has never been produced from a player of his calibre before. This course should be a solid investment for aspiring players on their quest to the high stakes tables"

Luke "bit2easy" Reeves
High stakes Pro

"I think you are an idiot for giving this to people."

Jordi "prot0" Urlings
High stakes crusher

"MMAsherdog is one of the best and most trusted online players, and this high level content will help any aspiring poker player improve their game"

Run it once Coach

"I've talked strategy with MMAsherdog for a long time and really like his thought process. The content is easy to follow and you can learn a lot from it."

Run it once Coach

"I've known MMA since our inception in poker. He has always been very passionate and dedicated to learn as much as possible about the game. One of the few players that really knows what he's doing and I'm sure no one can help you better than him to take your game to the next level."

High stakes reg and run it once coach

"MMA is one of the top 10 NL online cash game players in the world. He articulates his thought process very well."

High stakes reg

Fast-track your path to success!

You are just one click away from discovering the secrets elite players use to stay ahaed of the curve. Are you ready to take your game to the next level?

Master Preflop

a solid understanding of preflop play is the core of every crushing poker player.

  • Stop guessing and know exactly which hands to 3- bet and 4-bet in every situation.
  • Get an easy to understand inside of essential preflop math.
  • Learn how to design your own winning preflop ranges and how to deviate from your default strategy, depending on rake structure and player type.

Crush postflop

Postflop is where the magic happens. Get inside a master`s head and leave your competition behind!

  • Get a strong theoretical understanding of essential postflop spots.
  • Know exactly when to deviate from your core strategy to find the most profitable line.
  • Learn how to play turns and rivers like a pro and never miss a profitable spot again.

Watch MMAsherdog playing live 

All information in the world is useless, if you don`t know how to implement it to your game.

Watch one of the best players in the world practicing what he preaches and gain a deep understanding of how to use his strategys in practice.

Master Pio

Pio solver is one of the most powerful tools to analyse ranges  - But only if you use it the right way.

Be able to analyse your ranges like an elite player and stay ahead of the curve!

Rule the live scene

Without doubt, the softest games take place in live environments. But the live circuit is a completly different scene compared to online poker.

Discover how an elite player approaches the live scene and learn his tactics to get the most out of recreational opponents.


Question & Answer

In the last part of this action packed video series, MMAsherdog goes over the most common questions he gets asked by his students. 


Discover the secrets of elite players and boost your winrate right now!

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

-Albert Einstein

So you are grinding countless hours and putting in the work, but you are still not achieving the results you dream of? 

Chances are, you are studying outdated strategys that maybe worked years ago but don`t stand a chance to win in todays games that are getting tougher every day.

No shame on that! 

Because with the insane amount of poker content published every day, it is harder than ever to find the strategies, elite players use day in day out to develop an edge over their opponents.

Up to date

Never fall behind of your competition!

In the ultimate course, you will only find up-to-date strategies used by elite players. 


Years of experience

For years, MMAsherdog has proven that he is not only a high stakes beast, but a brilliant coach as well.

His content comes in a nice structured way, that is easy to follow and never gets boring.



Best price guarantee!

For a short period time, you have the chance to get the Preflop bible 2.0 and the high stakes course for a highly discountet price. 

You won`t find a better return on investment!


Never fall behind!

Get an up to date course that is designed to beat today`s tough games!

Frequently Asked Questions

High Stakes Course:

  • Course Intro
  • The Fundamentals
    • Studying with PIO Solver
    • Live Poker
  • Theoretical Videos
    • Out of Position play from the Big Blind
    • Blind vs. Blind
    • In Position play
    • 3Bet Pot in Position
    • 3Bet Pots Out Of Position as 3Bettor
    • 3Bet Pots Out of Position as Caller
  • Live Play
    • 500 Zoom session review Part 1
    • 500 Zoom session review Part 2
  • High Stakes Handreview
  • Wrap Up
    • FAQ


Preflop Bible Vol. 2:

  • Introduction (1)
  • Open raise (3)
  • 3bet (9)
    • Button 3bet (13)
    • Small Blinds Defense (18)
  • Big blind Defense (22)
  • 4bet (27)
  • 5bet (37)
  • Squeezing (52)
  • General Deviations (54)
  • Equity Realization ("R") (55)
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) (56)

Depends on how serious your ambitions in poker are. 

The High Stakes Course was developed for more advanced players who are playing NL50 and above. 

However, especially at your stakes, you have to keep the effects of rake in mind. And since most major poker sites use a "no flop no drop" policy, preflop play gets more important. In the Preflop bible 2.0, you will learn everything you need to know how to adapt your gameplan to beat the rake. You can find the preflop bible here.


The video content in the course lasts for approximately 12 hours. 


If you still have questions, you can contact us anytime. 

Here is the link to our contact via Instagram or Facebook messenger

The Ultimate Course is a bundle of the High Stakes Course and The Preflop Bible Vol 2.


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