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Poker recap of 2020 (with graph!!!) - MMAsherdog Blog

mmasherdog Dec 31, 2020

2020 end of year update

It was a long and hectic year, but we managed to get through it.
After a somewhat disappointing 2019, I managed to bounce back with an excellent year.

After a slow start without much action, the games became amazing for about 6 months straight, at the height of the pandemic.
They have since died down quite a bit, but it's still better than it has been in the past.

The main lesson I learned this year was to be more patient, and realize that more work isn't always better.
I used to put in insane hours, and the more tired and horrible I felt, the more proud I was of my effort.
The more hands I put in, the more satisfied I was.

But in 2020, I cut out the volume that doesn't improve my EV, planned my sessions better and listened to my body better, so I can play my A-game more often and have more longevity.
I also made a conscious effort to enjoy myself more outside poker.
Ever since I was a teenager, I have been fully focused on my career, but I wasn't really enjoying my success, and just blasting towards achieving my next mile stone.
One of my goals for the last few years has been to actually spend more money, not less. What's the point in doing well if you never smell the roses, as long as you stay humble and true to yourself.

My goals for 2021 have not really changed.
Be ready to play 6 days a week, work on my game and play high stakes with great results, focus on coaching my students and building Bluffthespot.
And make sure to enjoy the journey.

*A few thousand hands from ACR and untracked sites are missing. Those are winning hands, but I still wouldn't be able to reach 1 million :(


I said ''Can't win this one'' out loud

UTG: $45,827.81 (115 bb)
MP: $106,294.46 (266 bb)
MP+1 (Hero): $45,602.48 (114 bb)
CO: $336,858.54 (842 bb)
BU: $207,150.31 (518 bb)
SB: $63,173.87 (158 bb)
BB: $4,000.00 (10 bb)

Pre-Flop: ($600) Hero is MP+1 with A K
UTG raises to $1,0001 foldHero 3-bets to $3,0004 players foldUTG 4-bets to $10,400Hero 5-bets to $45,602.48 (all-in), UTG calls $35,202.48

Flop: ($91,804.96) 8 J 4 (2 players, 1 all-in)

Turn: ($91,804.96) K (2 players, 1 all-in)

River: ($91,804.96) T (2 players, 1 all-in)

Total pot: $91,804.96 (Rake: $3)

MP+1 (Hero) shows A K (a pair of Kings)
(Equity - Pre-Flop: 43%, Flop: 25%, Turn: 95%, River: 100%)

UTG shows Q Q (a pair of Queens)
(Equity - Pre-Flop: 57%, Flop: 75%, Turn: 5%, River: 0%)

MP+1 (Hero) wins $91,801.96