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Poker Mindset: How to Warm Up Your Brain Before a Poker Session

poker strategy Mar 24, 2020

It's funny.

When you think about professional sports, do you know an athlete that doesn't warm up before his work out?

In sports, it's out of question whether you warm yourself up or not.


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Different types of recreational Poker players and how to exploit them correctly

poker strategy Mar 16, 2020

There are a lot of discussions about GTO going on these days. At which stakes does GTO start to matter? Should you play an exploitative style, or should you play optimally?

At BluffTheSpot, our...

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New Cashgame Structure on PartyPoker: How You Adjust Correctly and Increase Your Edge

poker strategy Feb 05, 2020

Paying an Ante upfront is common for tournament poker and deep stack cash games to induce more action.

However, PartyPoker recently decided to change its Cash Game structure and introduced an ante...

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