Hey guys,

it´s been a while since you´ve heard from me.

I don´t want to waste too much time in the past because there are so many things in the future that I want to talk about.

I was lucky enough to attend some pretty nice sports events over the summer.

One of our affiliate partners invited me to Wimbledon and we were super lucky with the draw- Venus, Murray and the one and only Roger Federer all in one session!

In August, I spent a nice week in Vienna attending the beach volleyball world championships.

Super laid back the crowd that is being entertained by a DJ, no problem of getting close to the players and a great framework program.

Our golden ladies won the title which obviously helped and the Austrian men that were a huge surprise made sure that the whole city paid a lot of attention to the event


In the end, we still supported the Swiss ladies the most……

Shoutout to Daniele Lupo, an Italian player, who engaged the most with the crowd. Looking forward to cheering for him again in the future.

After that, I had another big sporting event that I was really looking forward to.

The Paul Lawrie Matchplay, a European tour event, was held at my former club in Germany.

It was so much fun to see the „real“ professionals play on a course that I´ve played dozens of times already. To everyone out there who thinks he or she is a good golfer: Go watch those guys live and try to play a course shortly after a tour event. You´ll see that they play completely different setups which are almost unplayable for the average amateur.

I was invited to watch a game of my favorite football club (Bayern Munich) where I gave our new coach some useful tips 

Luckily enough, I also found some time to do sports myself.

Nice hike in the Bavarian pre-alps

after work darts on our rooftop

We also went for a nice go-karting race recently where we successfully challenged the big favorite MMAsherdog

Anyway, that´s enough from the past and I don´t want to create a false picture of us BTS coaches just chilling and enjoying life.

We´ve been working a lot on internal procedures over the last couple of months and started exploring new areas.

We are now regularly active on Twitch and have our head coach MMASherdog stream on a weekly basis there.

I got invited to do a runitonce video with my fellow BTS head coach RunLikePanda

Please check it out and leave us a comment. It was our first time so we are very happy to receive any kind of feedback to improve for the future 

And now to the really important things ( sorry for wasting your time so far….  )

Since we are growing our BTS family and have lots of successful students ( shoutout to them and to those who are working their asses off to reach their goals!) we´ll soon announce some additions to our coaching roster

Furthermore, we´ll have some other big announcements to be made soon.

So stay tuned, thanks for reading and please leave a comment