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The 6 Most Common Mindset Mistakes Holding The Majority Of Players Back (And How To Fix Them)

poker strategy Dec 18, 2022

In this article, I will share the top 5 most common mindset mistakes that hold most players back from moving up in stakes and making money playing poker in the long run.


Mistake #1: Not working on your game when running well


Most players understand the need to work on their game and act accordingly.


However, when whatever you are doing, money just keeps flying into your pocket, it is often hard to put in the work to keep studying. 


And many players stop doing it. 


However, this is exactly when it’s most important to stay consistent in your study routine and keep improving! 


Because variance is a bitch. And the next downswing will come, guaranteed. 


But when it does, you’ll be prepared, and won’t hit you as hard.


Mistake #2: Study on your own


Poker players tend to be lone wolfs. 


Don’t make this mistake. 


Being in a team will help you to improve at a faster pace. 


Your study partner may have good ideas that you would never have thought of. You can create strategies much quicker together. 


Also, your study partner will help you stay motivated and keep working on yourself.


So don’t make the mistake and search for a team. 


It can be coaching for profits program like ours, joining the BluffTheSpot Academy, getting a coach, or simply looking for other like-minded players on poker forums.


Mistake #3: Playing When You’re Tired


Have you ever played even though this little voice in the back of your head told you it would be best to stop? 


Yeah, we’ve all been there.


The majority of players I’ve seen who just kept on playing no matter what struggled with losses. They would keep playing and chase the loss until it gets REALLY bad.


Disaster approach! 


However, it also happens when they find themselves at a table that is simply too good to leave.


Both ways are really bad for your win rate in the long run. 


Stop the session when you feel tired. 


Take a break and come back later.


Mistake #4: Moving Up In Stakes When Running Bad


That is a massive sign of tilt. 


Even experienced players will make this mistake sometimes and are moving up in stakes to “get their money” back. 


If you are on the lucky side, then you eventually get the money back.


But, most of the time, it will end in a disaster, and your bankroll will hit a massive drop, hurting your journey as a poker player even more. 


You have to understand what Variance is to not think in daily results.


It’s a kind of a coin flip if you have a losing or winning day. 


So don’t waste your mental energy on something you can’t influence. 


So, play focused in good games, and your winnings will come in the long run. 


Poker isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon or some kind of Triathlon. 


Mistake #5: Playing Too Long Sessions


It's relatively similar to playing when you are tired. 


Some overestimate their ability after a certain time. 


Very often, win rates get destroyed because of very long sessions. 


A session should be around 60-90 mins. 


Even 120 mins are already too long, and you should avoid them.


Mistake #6: Not Warming Up 


This is definitely one of the most common mental mistakes and one even some professional players often neglect.


However, your mind needs to warm up before the session. 


When you are unlucky, you have a couple of tricky spots at the beginning where you will make mistakes because your mind isn’t warmed up. 


A football player is warming up before he plays.


For you, it’s the brain you need to warm up and be already in shape when you get dealt the first hand. 


Poker is a long journey, and everyone makes mistakes along the way.


What often separates the best from the average players is their edge to identify these mental leaks and work on them. 


If you’re wondering how to warm up before a session properly, this article will help you: