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ARTUR VLOG: August Report

artur Sep 05, 2019
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Artur Vlog - The Comeback

artur Aug 19, 2019
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will he FOLD in a 700bb pot (7.000€) vs my ALLIN with Q high???

manu1337 Aug 17, 2019
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Artur Vlog - Downswing

artur Aug 05, 2019
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Artur Vlog - July reports and new cycle

artur Aug 01, 2019
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OSS vs TheBoss at Americas Cardroom

promo Jul 19, 2019

Shoe everyone, thatyou're the boss and visit ACR.

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WSOP Main Event Day 3/4 (Getting Owned By Doyle Brunson's Son?!) | Las Vegas 2019 vlog #7

manu1337 Jul 17, 2019
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Artur VLOG - The Gameplan

artur Jul 17, 2019
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Just days away, the $5 Million Venom is really heating up summer

promo Jul 15, 2019

Summer is here and it’s hotter than ever. And it has to do entirely with the $5 Million Venom, which is just days away.

Cards are in the air starting July 14th and this tournament is huge....

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Americas Cardroom makes online poker even better with the upcoming OSS Cub3D and $5 Million Venom

promo Jul 10, 2019

The Online Super Series (OSS) on Americas Cardroom (ACR) is always a favourite, which is why it's returning for the eighth time this July.  This time, though, things are going to be even more...

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